We connect within a pole-based community to cultivate growth, positivity, and passion with a focus on FUN.


What is Unbound?

We believe that everyone has something of value to contribute, and that fun is a necessity in building long lasting bonds and pole friendships.

Unbound is a crowd-sourced retreat. We pole all day, and hang out all night, for an entire weekend.

It started with a group of individuals who were willing to put their necks out. For the attendees: to fly to a studio, sight unseen. For the studio: to host a group, sight unseen. All in pursuit of an event that was different from anything else available. We gathered for a weekend of intense pole and learning and spending time together, and came out on the other side more determined to make these retreats happen again, and better each time.

From that group, we have formed a community.

This is how it works:

We find a studio that is willing to clear their schedule to graciously (!!) host us.

We find new attendees that fit our culture, our goals, and our mission.

We all write workshop descriptions and submit them. Then everyone does a blind vote. The most popular workshops are held.

The workshop schedule is assembled, taking into account pacing and breaks for lunches. We add a hefty sprinkle of fun, non-pole stuff to do: craft nights glittering heels or cutting up t-shirts. Playing tourist in a nearby city. Pole jams for us to learn from one another in an unstructured setting. Time to freestyle at the end of the night to cool down. Meals of healthy foods and not-so-healthy cocktails and beers. And lots of learning about others who are equally passionate, equally positive, and equally in love with pole and community.

We may all have pole in common, but that’s not where it ends.

If you want more information, check out out FAQs page.