Do I need to be famous/ a competitor?

No. You just need to have a genuine thirst to learn and connect with like-minded pole dancers.

Why do you include only 25% new attendees at each Unbound?

Culture is a huge part of what makes this community special. It’s a culture of positivity, sharing, and support. For this reason, and to build true friendships, we make sure that 75% of our attendees at every Unbound are veterans: people who have been to at least 1 retreat. Those people are also the ones who shape the future of our organization. We vote on nearly every decision, from large to small, and have committees that think through all the details.

What if I’m not an instructor?

At this time, we are only accepting people who have something to teach. That doesn’t mean that you need to formally instruct, however.

How much does it cost?

Typical costs for a weekend are:

  • Flight to and from the studio city to your home city
  • A hotel room for the duration of the weekend. Limited spots are typically available with local hosts each weekend)
  • Food and drinks for yourself for the weekend.

For the last weekend in Orange County, one person’s expenses were $162 for a hotel room (split among 5), and $330 for airfare from JFK to SNA airport. Food each day was approximately $50, for a total of $542 for the weekend.

There is no fee for workshops or participation. You only need to get yourself there, pay for hotel if you choose, and feed yourself.

How do you decide who gets accepted?

A committee of Unbounders does the vote on new applicants. Our selection process is largely based on what workshops you submit to teach but also includes discussion of the responses in the long-form sections and a discussion primarily of cultural fit with the existing group as well as what that individual could add.

What if I’m not good enough?

The only current requirements for skill or flexibility are that you have a solid elbow grip ayesha. We aren’t looking for a specific ability level. We are looking for people who are a great cultural fit, who have something to contribute to the group.

What kinds of workshops are there?

Each weekend that we’ve held it, the workshops themselves vary based on the skillsets of the participants and what that particular group might happen to want to learn. Here is a SMALL sampling of some of the workshops that have been taught in the past:

  • Bottom Third Flow Combos
  • Breaking Down the Deadlift
  • Test Kitchen
  • eXXXotic Pole Choreo
  • Acro Pole
  • Eat to Win
  • Flexibility Training for Full Back Bending
  • Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

Do I have to attend the entire weekend?

Yes. We are not just exchanging information, we are building a community. You should be as invested in spending time, and getting to know the members of the group, as you are in taking away combos and tricks from the weekend. Everyone socializes in different ways, but we are looking for people who want to build real, genuine, life-long connections through Unbound and through pole.

For an example of what an Unbound weekend is really like, click here for the Orange County itinerary.