If you are interested in joining us at our next retreat, please fill out the form: here. Currently, we are recruiting for our next event which will be Fall, 2017. We try to include a ratio of about 25% new members at each retreat (with 75% of the attendees comprised of people who have already attended at least 1 prior Unbound). The only requirement is that you think an event like this is just what you need, and that you have a baseline of pole ability that is in line with the group as a whole.

After you submit your application, a committee of of Unbounders will vote (applications will have all identifying information stripped out) on the applicants.

While we would like to be able to include everyone, for safety and to preserve the experience, we limit each Unbound to approximately 18 attendees. If you are not selected this time around, we encourage people to submit for the following Unbound if they are not chosen. If you’d like to receive feedback on your application, please tick the box in the form so we know to send it to you.