Studio Owners

Studio owners who enable Unbound are the MVPs of our community!

Hosting a retreat means clearing your studio schedule for the weekend, providing a safe and clean location for all the workshops and events, and also hosting a pole jam that is open to the public and assisting with promotion of that jam. The profits from this jam roll back in to fund the costs of the entire group. We ask that you participate fully in the planning stages, helping with information and acting as a local expert in figuring out what bonding activities we might have, and what food options are a good fit, for example. We need your help during the weekend with all logistics (food, rides, meals). As the host, however, you can select one member of your local community (typically an instructor) who will participate, along with you, in all the events as an attendee.

We’ve had a few of these retreats now, and some of the most important factors in host studio selection are:

  • Type, quantity, height, and spacing of poles in the studio
  • Overall size of studio and any additional rooms
  • Distance between local hotels (with kitchen suites ideally), studio, local airport, and local organic grocery (Whole Foods or similar)
  • Cost of flights from East and West coasts to local airport

If you are a studio owner who is interested in hosting an Unbound retreat at your studio, please fill out the form below and we will contact you once we have received your responses!